The mandolin originated in Italy around the seventeenth century and I love playing it!
Since moving to Australia I perform both as a soloist and with local ensembles around the Sunshine Coast, as well as being a member of the Queensland Mandolin Orchestra, based in Brisbane.

My many and varied types of work include anything from grand opera & ballet, full concert recitals as a soloist, with or without a pianist, or weddings, art gallery exhibition openings, or cafés and restaurants. I can play indoors or out, depending on the weather!
Basically, I can perform at any event where you would like to hear the wonderful sounds of the mandolin being played.
All my performances are very special occasions to me & the music chosen reflects the event. My repertoire, of which I have a large library, tends to be mainly classical but I do have lighter elements, e.g. folk, popular song, but not blues or rock & roll! I will always attempt to source any music that is specifically requested that I don’t already have!


As a professional musician for over 20 years in the UK, I had the fantastic opportunity of performing with an incredible amount of amazing musicians, both amateur & professional, soloists, orchestral players and singers.

I have recently begun to give talks on my life as a musician, giving an insight on what it has been like to be a mandolin player. During the talks I not only chat, I also perform on 2 of my wonderful mandolins, a gorgeous flat back made by a luthier in Brisbane, Queensland and a beautiful classical hand made round back, the traditional Neopolitan style mandolin, made in Rome, Italy.


The mandolin is a wonderful instrument to play. Strung like a violin, GDAE, it is very versatile in the type of music that can be performed on it.
There are always technical difficulties in learning to play any instrument but I think the mandolin is the most rewarding, and can produce the most beautiful sounds!
I have been teaching the mandolin for many years & I teach students of all ages.

It is never too late to learn!!

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