These are the dudes…………….
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Annette Huth:

Made in 2010 this mandolin is Australian made by Brisbane Lutherie Annette Huth.
The Claro walnut was chosen because of its tonal qualities & beautiful graining.
The particular piece of Western red cedar was chosen , for it’s incredibly narrow grain (this is not always the case with cedar)
which is wonderful for mandolins, and the red abalone was chosen to compliment the colours of the walnut & red cedar.
Sue chose this instrument for not only the design and beautiful build quality but primarily for its wonderful sound.

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Luigi Embergher: (1856-c.1943)
Made in I911, this instrument is one of two Embergher mandolins owned by the late Hugo D’Alton, who was Sue’s tutor.
This particular one is very kindly on permanent loan to Sue by Hugo’s family.

Embergher studied to be a lutherie in Rome, and made 3 distinctive styles of mandolin: a study, an orchestral, and a concert, this instrument being a Concert Mandolin.

These are a sample of 10 tracks from a gig in St John the Baptist Church, Greatham on the 25th of April 2003 with Elias Sibley on guitar….